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383 Healdsburg Avenue
Healdsburg, CA, 95448
United States


YASUKO is a Healdsburg-based women's clothing boutique. We specialize in original one-of-a-kind clothing using kimono silk and vintage Japanese textiles. YASUKO is the perfect destination for quilters and crafts people. 

Products from Kurashiki, Japan

Hand-Dyed Aizome (Indigo) Products from Kurashiki, Japan

IMG_3879 (2).JPG

Kurashiki, Japan



Natural Indigo Silk Shawls

IMG_4602 (2).PNG

Natural Indigo Dye Linen Dress

Hand dye with Aizome


Natural Indigo Dye Blouse

Hand Dye with Aizome


Natural Indigo Dye Patch T

Hand Dye with Aizome

IMG_4733 (2).PNG

Natural Indigo Dye Linen Sheer Dress

Hand Dye with Aizome

IMG_4728 (2).PNG

Linen Cort

Linen 100%

IMG_4730 (2).PNG

Linen Coat

Linen 100%

IMG_4603 (2).PNG

Linen Showl Coat

Linen 100%

                                              Soft wool dress with white stitches               Natural deep indigo dye silk shawl

                         100% Linen coat dress individual natural indigo dye                      Natural indigo dye silk shawl


100% Linen Bengara Dye all natural hand dye Dress with Linen shawl