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383 Healdsburg Avenue
Healdsburg, CA, 95448
United States


YASUKO is a Healdsburg-based women's clothing boutique. We specialize in original one-of-a-kind clothing using kimono silk and vintage Japanese textiles. YASUKO is the perfect destination for quilters and crafts people. 



     We hand cut these one-of-a-kind items from vintage Japanese textiles, which we recover/recycle from used kimonos or other traditional fabrics. Japanese textiles have long been regarded as among the finest in the world, and recently Japanese quilts, textile crafts, and garments made from these recycled or new textiles have gained the international recognition that they so deserve. There is a large demand for vintage textiles in Japan, and a proliferation of books and magazines for sewing projects including patterns and instructions. Because of the value, Japanese have been recycling their silks for centuries: the most popular and useful textiles have become quite expensive in the last 15 years:


       SHIBORI: (shee-boh-ree) The best known Japanese craft textile, from the word shiboru, to twist. Usually done on either  silk jacquard or cotton with aizome, shibori techniques include tie-dye, stitch and dye, or the famous “rice” tie-dye. These are all-purpose craft textiles, but the silks are especially suited to small needle crafts, patchwork, or remade garments.

       KASURI: (kah-soo-ree) Japanese ikat. Highly prized by Japanese craftspeople, the warp and/or weft threads of these textiles are dyed in a pattern before weaving. Used for small patch crafts like handbags, for framing on wall hangings, for cushions or for wearable art. Both cotton and silk kasuri are desirable for crafts.

       CHIRIMEN: (chee-ree-men) This dense, high twist silk yarn is woven in a luxurious crepe. Antique remnants with desirable small pattern, yuzen, or hand painted detail may sell for hundreds of dollars and are framed like a picture in other textiles or used for small needle crafts, like ningyo (dolls), and doll clothing.

       TSUMUGI: (tsoo-moo-gee) Once a low grade home made textile, now highly sought after, this raw silk textile was traditionally made from cocoons raised in the attic, then brushed and spun like hand spun wool, and finally dyed and woven. Tsumugi yarn is commonly used in the most valuable kasuri, especially Oshima-tsumugi. This stable textile is easy to work with for quilting or patching.

       YUZEN: (yoo-zen) A technique for embellishing textile involving rice gluten resist and hand painting or kata. Yuzen may require a number of steps involving several artisans to work on a single piece of textile, making this artwork labor intensive and valuable, especially for antique, hand painted or artistic examples.

       AIZOME: (eye-zoh-may) Ai is for indigo; zome means dye. A dark blue natural dye used mostly on cotton, in combination with other techniques.

       DOROZOME: (doh-roh-zoh-may) Doro meaning mud; zome again is dye. A natural brown mineral dye best known for its use in silk kasuri.

       KATAZOME: (kah-tah-zoh-may) Kata means form, in this case, a stencil.. Various katazome techniques are used on all types of textiles.

       SASHIKO: (sah-shee-koh) Commonly done on aizome in white cotton thread, a type of stitchery done to strengthen and beautify utilitarian textiles and garments. Collectors pay thousands of dollars for antique sashiko garments in any condition.

       SAKIORI:  (sah-kee-oh-ree) The Japanese say that they reuse their textiles to the last threads, which are then shredded and rewoven into sakiori. These are used for mats, bags, or remade into new garments. Craftspeople are the ultimate recyclers.


Kimono VestStyleY-142-c




Long Mao Blouse Style Y-3608 S/M

Recovered shibori silk from a vintage kimono.




Long Mao Blouse Y-3608 M/L

Recovered shibori silk from a vintage kimono silk




Long Mao Blouse   Style Y-3608




New Mao Blouse   Y-3607     S/M



Photo 3.jpg

Shawl JacketStyleY-1160

Made from a vintage Tomesode. Artwork is vintage yuzentextile




Chiffon Jacket


Kimono Vest     Style   Y-142-c




Three Buttons Vest  

Recovered shibori silk from a vintage kimono

Three Buttons Vest

Three Buttons Vest




New Mao Blouse Style Y-3607

Recovered shibori silk from a vintage kimono silk



Long Mao Blouse Y-3608S/M

Recovered shibori silk from a vintage kimono silk




Shawl JacketOB- 1160

Beautiful yuzen artwork recovered from a vintage tomesode, combined with 2 ply silk crepe self, formal and elegant.



Yasuko Style Y-142-C Kimono Combo Vest  2.JPG

Sleeveless Duster Style Y-1033

Made from a vintage Tomesode (mother-of-the-bride kimono). Artwork is vintage yuzen, textile is chirimen crepe.




Chiffon Jacket



Obi JacketShort



Yasuko Style Y-142-C Kimono Combo Vest 1.JPG

Kimono Vest Style Y-142-C

Three coordinated types of kimono silk, our best-selling item.





Kimono Loop Button VestY-1075    New Fitted Kimono Vest with loop buttons, You can enjoy the different way.

Kimono Loop Button VestY-1075

New Fitted Kimono Vest with loop buttons, You can enjoy the different way.


Long Mao Blouse Y-3608 S/M


Sleeveless Duster Style Y-1033

Made from a vintage Tomesode



Obi Jacket

Beautiful silkbrocade recovered from vintage Obi. It is the longer jacket.



2016-07-29 17.38.49.jpg

Chiffon Jacket

Recovered from vintage Obi silk, combined with silk chiffon, beautiful elegant jacket

come with Ivory Chiffon, Black Chiffon, Gray Chiffon, Blue gray Chiffon, Coral Chiffon etc.



Chiffon Jacket